2 tier Cake For 50 Guests: Enough Or Not?

2 tier Cake For 50 Guests

Where there is a celebration, there is cake! In today’s world, we can see different new designs and types of cakes. Yet, nothing beats the elegance and retro vibe of 2-tier cakes. Birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any simple celebration the 2-tire cake can always shine! 

If you have a small to medium party, then probably you will have 50-55 guests. Now, our question arises, will a 2 tier cake for 50 guests at a wedding or birthday be enough? In this article, today we’ll calculate and analyze this cake theory! So, let’s get into this frosty calculation! 

2-tier Wedding Cake For 50 Guests 

First, let’s start with the wedding cake! You can select the size here because not all the bakers will give you the privilege to customize the fit you need. So, if you have done the calculation beforehand, you can simply determine the best wedding cake for the 50 guests. 

  • Both of the tire heights will be 6″. 
  • The bottom tire will be 10” and it will serve 36 people. 
  • The upper tire will be 6″ and it’ll serve 14 servings. 
  • So, in total a 16″ dimension cake is serving (36+14=50) people. 

This will be a perfect dimension and serving for your coming wedding guests. If you have a limited budget or a small gathering, this will suit the best for you. 

2-tier Birthday Cake For 50 Guests 

As you know on birthdays, we prefer different shapes of cake. Here I’ll just summarize the basic shapes-

Cake Shapes Dimension(Inches)Servings
Round Cake1250
Square Cake1050
Heart-Shape Cake1250

Now, let’s see the number of cakes served along with the size of each tire. 

  • 10″ cake bottom tier can serve 30-40 people
  • 8″ cake top tier can serve 20-25 people

So, in total we can have an 18″ dimension cake to serve 50 people. 8″ on top and 10″ on the bottom. 

You can ask for the height you want. The standard height starts from 6″. 

How to Stack A 2-tire Cake? 

To stack a 2-tier cake you must need support. Mostly, dowels and straws are used to support the bottom part to keep a proper balance. Use a chef sharp knife to cut each layer and tires sharply to fill in the parts. 

Trimming all parts properly gives you a flat surface to layer the cakes and it’s a great benefit for proper balance. You should use a cake board at the bottom while stacking the cake as it helps to move the cake when needed and gives you enough space to decorate. 

How to Cut 2 Tier Cakes For 50 Guests? 

Cut 2 Tier Cakes For 50 guests

Let’s see the proper way to cut 2 tier cake for exactly 50 guests in step by step- 

Step 1: Remove The Cake Decoration 

Sometimes in wedding or anniversary cake, there are artificial or handmade fondant flowers. Make sure to remove them before cutting the cake. 

Step 2: Remove The Top Tire Cake

Now, with a bigger knife or spatula, lift the top tire cake up, and with your gentle hand lift up the cake and place it on a bigger plate, so you can cut it without a mess. Also, don’t forget to pull out the dowels. 

Step 3: Cut The Top Tire

Now, for example, I’ll take a round cake with top tier 8″ and bottom tier 10″. For 8″ you can get servings for 20 people. The way is, cut a circular section in the middle of the cake about 3″ with a sharp knife. Then, wipe the knife and cut the outside perimeter of the cake about 1″ thick slices. After you slice the outside, slice the round part into 5 triangular shapes. There you go with your 20 slices. 

Step 4: Time For Bottom Tire

First remove the parchment paper on it. Then, like the size of the upper tire, cut the middle of the cake in a circle. Go for the outer edges and cut it into 1 inch thick slices. After you finish the outer part, cut the middle part into 8 triangular shapes by cutting in the middle. There you’ll get 30 servings overall.

How Long Does It Take to Make A 2-tiered Cake? 

2 tier birthday cake for 50 guests

It solely depends on the design the customer has chosen. If it’s a basic cake with basic flavor and design, it’ll take like 2-3 hours to finish from the start to the last frosting of the cake.

However, if it’s a complex design like lace, flowers, and other stuff, then for sure according to the design it will take more time. 

Few days ago I’ve written an article on – how long will it take to bake a sheet cake. If you want you can check.

Best Presentation For The Cake 

Anyone wants their cake to look unique, pretty, and beautiful. To make the presentation of your cake beautiful you can add flowers, laces, fireworks, cartoon designs, ribbon, or any design you like or any artistic designs. If all these are food-safe and edible, then it’s alright. Good touch in decoration brings the shine in cake!

Pick The Best Kind of Cakes 

You may have the choice of different kinds of cakes. Such as classic vanilla cake, chocolate cake, black forest or white forest, red velvet, sponge cake, cheesecake, ice-cream cake, layer cake, butter cake, or even chiffon cake! Look at the varieties, don’t get puzzled! 

Pick The Best Flavor Of Cake 

For flavor, as usual, we can have vanilla and chocolate. Aside from these, there are blueberry, strawberry, caramel, coffee, or banana flavors! All of these flavors are so delicious that I’m already hungry!

Tips to Follow While Buying or Serving Cake 

Here are some of my suggestions you should follow about your cake at the party-

  • Keep chips, waffles, and drinks with the cake at your party. You may add some other desert-like macaroni or tarts. 
  • Use a large and sharp chef’s knife to cut and slice the cake. 
  • Ensure to have a tall box to transport your 2-tire cake to the destination spot. 
  • To store the leftover cake, store it in a refrigerator in an air-tight box.

Final Words 

2-tiered cakes are simply gorgeous and appealing. For any occasion, if you have guests like 50-55, you can forever choose any of the options given in this article. 

However, one thing I would love to remind, check if, on your guest list, there is any vegan person, then order a cake without eggs and dairy products. Worry not, without these two, there are thousands of options for delicious cakes! Have a good day! 

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