Are Cotton Candy Grapes Healthy? – Yes, Not Just Hyped!

are cotton candy grapes healthy

We’ve grown up eating fruit-flavored candy but have you ever heard of candy-flavored grapes? Yes, the talking is about cotton candy grapes. It has become highly popular and hard for us to resist consuming cotton candy grapes. But one barrier as always – are cotton candy grapes healthy?

Yes, cotton candy grapes are healthy as they contain different healthy nutrients. For example, the polyphenols of grapes help to reduce high blood pressure. The insoluble fiber helps with bowel movement. Polyphenols such as resveratrol reduce the risk of Cardiovascular diseases.

I just mentioned 3 health benefits above. But there are a lot more. In this article, you’ll learn more about candy cotton grapes, their nutrients, and other health benefits. So, keep reading.

What Are Cotton Candy Grapes?

Cotton candy grapes are a hybrid of 2 grape spices; a variety of Vitis vinifera and a type of Concord-like grapes. They have a flavor similar to cotton candy and don’t contain any seeds. To 

Note: The Vitis vinifera grapes can be found in ordinary grocery stores (Across the USA), and the Concord-like grapes are used in Welch’s jellies, jams, and juices.

Cotton candy grapes generally come with a small round shape and thin skin. They have a pale green color which may make them look sour. But the truth is cotton candy grapes are sweeter than regular grapes. 

So, Do Cotton Candy Grapes Have More Sugar?

Yes, cotton candy grapes have more sugar and you can justify it by noticing the brix measurement and sugar content. 

The usual measurement of cotton candy grapes is between 19 and 20 degrees Brix. The measurement of brix for normal grapes is between 17-18 brix. So, you can easily understand that cotton candy grapes are slightly sweeter than regular grapes.

Note: °Brix is defined as grams of soluble solids per 100g of the solution. In simpler words, it is the measurement of the sweetness of fruits.

Now let’s pay attention to the cotton candy grapes sugar content. Cotton candy grapes contain 12% more sugar than regular table grapes. In general, 100 grams of cotton candy grapes contain 18 g of sugar. (1)

Now you may be wondering if this extra sugar is for any artificial flavor. In one word, are cotton candy grapes natural?

According to California’s Grapery, cotton candy grapes are all-natural, non-GMO, and plant-breeding fruits. There is no artificial flavor added to bring the cotton candy flavor. So, no need to think that cotton candy grapes are genetically modified fruit. (2)

However, before you’ve any more confusion let me clarify that though they are all-natural, they don’t grow wild. You’ll have to water them regularly, keeping them in a warm environment to thrive. When you find them mature they can be harvested normally. (3)

Where Do Cotton Candy grapes Come From?

Let’s talk about the history of cotton candy grapes. As I’ve already mentioned this is a different type of hybrid grape that was discovered after a long development. An expert horticulturist, Dr. David Cain with his team developed cotton candy grapes in Bakersfield, California, in 2010. After properly developing, the grapes were sent for sale in 2011.

So, the cotton candy grapes come by cross-breeding 2 different types of spices. First, they grow in tubs under special attention like in warm environments and regular watering and later you can plant them in the field. And the cotton candy grapes come from the cotton candy grapes plant. 

Are Cotton Candy Grapes Healthy?

Yes, cotton candy grapes are healthy. They are jam-packed with the same vitamins in grapes, C and K, and other nutrients. According to a Registered Dietitian at NorthShore, Atara Schayer – Cotton candy grapes come with several health benefits such as alleviating inflammation, lowering blood pressure, and others.

Next for diet-conscious people – are cotton candy grapes good for weight loss?

In general, cotton candy grapes can be good fruit or dessert for weight loss. However, remember they contain 12% additional fat compared to regular grapes. So, if you’re stubborn about losing weight I recommend consuming regular grapes. 

Cotton Candy Grapes Calories And Nutrition Value

To get a more intense idea of whether cotton candy grapes are healthy for you or not it’s better to look at their nutritional value. Below I’ve added a table for you for easy visualization.

Cotton candy grapes (One Cup/150g)Nutrient Value
Calorie104 cal
Carbohydrates27.3 grams
Protein1.1 grams
Fat0.2 gram 
Sugar18 grams
Fiber1.4 grams 
Vitamin C16.3 milligrams (27% DV)
Vitamin K22 micrograms (28% DV)
Potassium288 milligrams (8% DV)
Calcium15 milligrams (2% DV)
Iron1 milligram (6% of DV)
Copper0.2 milligram (10% DV)
Thiamine0.1 milligram (7% DV)
Riboflavin0.1 milligram (6% DV)
Vitamin B60.1 milligram (6%DV)
Manganese0.1 milligram (5%t DV)

Health Benefits of Cotton Candy Grapes

So, you’ve got the nutritional value of cotton candy grapes. Now, it’s time to learn some health benefits of cotton candy grapes in detail.

Benefits of Cotton Candy Grapes

1. Regulate Blood Sugar

When it comes to keeping your blood under control, cotton candy grapes play a good role there as they have a low glycemic index. There is no way, they will spike the blood sugar instead the polyphenols that remain in the candy grapes will reduce the sugar level as well as improve the cell functions for secreting insulin. (4)

2. Regulate Digestion

The next benefit comes from the insoluble fiber remaining in the cotton candy grapes. The property helps with bowel movement. Moreover, being high in fructose, grapes are also a good choice for IBS patients. (5)

3. Improve Heart Health

If you’re suffering from cardiovascular disease then again cotton candy grapes can be helpful. First of all polyphenols such as resveratrol remaining in grapes are thought to have lipid-lowering, anti-inflammatory actions, and antioxidants that can reduce the risk of CVD (Cardiovascular diseases.) (6) It works by preventing platelet build-up and reducing irregular heart rhythms. 

4. Reduce Inflammation

Next, the high content of antioxidants in cotton candy grapes reduces inflammation in the body. Did you know eating grapes/cotton candy grapes increases the level of anti-inflammatory markers in men with metabolic syndrome? (7) That’s why you can use cotton candy grapes as an anti-inflammatory food.

5. Reduces the Risk of Cancer

The remaining polyphenols and antioxidants in grapes can kill off the spreading of cancer cells. According to a test-tube study in Italy, grape extracts help reduce the growth of colon cancer cells and prevent the spread of it. (8)

Who will Get Good Health Benefits from Cotton Candy Grapes?

Patients with heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, IBS, cancer, inflammation, arthritis, and others can have great health benefits by consuming cotton candy grapes.

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How many cotton candy grapes in a serving?

Normally, 16 cotton candy grapes are in a serving. Per serving of cotton candy grapes mean ½ cup of cotton candy grapes. And ½ cup cotton candy grapes mean 16 regular-size cotton candy grapes (Approximately)/50 Cal.

Do cotton candy grapes have seeds?

No, cotton candy grapes don’t contain seeds. They are also known as seed-free grapes.

The Recap

So, you see cotton candy grapes are obviously healthy for different people with different physical conditions. Mainly they will help to maintain a good heart and ideal blood pressure. To get cotton candy grapes you can just visit a nearby market or shop for fruits. If you live in New York or California then you’ll get this unique fruit almost everywhere.

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