How Many Chicken Thighs is 2 lbs – When 4 And When 8?

How Many Chicken Thighs is 2 lbs?

We usually purchase chicken thighs measured by weight. But never try to figure out how many thighs are we getting. 

Generally, it’s not necessary. But you feel it necessary when you have invited some guests and are now more concerned about pieces you get instead of the amount. 

So the question is how many chicken thighs is 2 lbs?

The answer depends on several factors. First, if it’s regular bone-in, skin-on thighs then it’s 4-6 thighs. Now if it’s boneless thighs then the number will be 7-8 thighs. So after cooking 2 lbs of thighs you can serve 4-6 people where everyone will get 1 piece of thigh.

It’s a shortcut answer but the topic is actually vast. Don’t worry, we’ve discussed everything related it below. Just keep reading


How Many Chicken Thighs is 2 lbs?

The straightforward answer is you’ll get 4-6 chicken thighs or up to 8 thighs per 2 pounds

But why the number is different? Well, it depends on size and type. For example bone-in, skin-on thighs will be less in number but Boneless thighs will be higher.

Plus the average thigh size is also a fact. If the thigh size is too small then the number might rise to 8. 

To clear your confusion on the topic how many thigh is 2lbs, I’ll explain it in depth now.

But first, a quick overview table to give you a quick insight.

Weight  Amount of Chicken Thigh


Amount of Chicken Thigh

(Including bone and skin)

Amount of Chicken (After Cooked)
1 Pound (0.45kg/16oz0 3-4 pieces 2-3 pieces 0.75 pounds
2 Pound (0.9 Kg/32 oz) 7-8 pieces 4-6 pieces 1.5 pounds
3 (1.36kg/48oz) 9-12 pieces 6-9 pieces 2.25 pound

How Many Boneless Chicken Thighs Is 2 Pound?

If you’re a gym guy or solid meat lover then your first concern should be the amount of boneless chicken thigh in 2 pounds.

You can get 7-8 pieces of boneless chicken thighs in 2 pounds. Size matters and it is also applicable here. If the thighs are big in size then the number may decrease to 5-6. Again if the thighs are small in size then you can get even 9 thighs.


How Many Bone-In, Skin-On Thighs Is 2 lbs?

The nearby grocery store near you generally sells bone-i, skin-on thighs. So, most of the audiences here are to learn how many bone-in, skin on the thigh is 2 lbs

As there are additional bones the number decreases compared to boneless thighs. Here you can get up to 6 pieces of things per 2 pounds. However, the average number is 4-6 pieces thing in 2 lbs.


How Much Meat Is on 2 lbs Chicken Thigh?

We generally have to purchase bone-in, skin-on thighs from the grocery store.  So a common comes about the yield.

No, nothing is strange. The general query is 2 lbs of chicken thighs how many ounces?

To calculate the answer first you’ve to learn how many ounces of meat you can get per thigh. The answer is the yield per thigh (Without skin and bone) is 2.8-3.2oz/80-90 grams. 

So when it’s 2 pounds boneless chicken thigh that means there are on average 7 chicken thighs. And from 2-pound thighs, you will get 19.5-21oz/560-630 gram chicken meat.


How Many lbs of  Skin on, Bone in Chicken thighs is Equal to 2 lbs of  Skinless Boneless Chicken Thighs?

First, let’s learn per boneless thigh chicken weighs 2.93oz (on average). That means 2 lbs or 32oz yield will come from 10-11 thighs. 

Again when it’s bone-in, skin-on thigh per thigh weighs 125g/4.41oz. 

So per thigh amount of bone and skin is (4.41-2.93) = 1.48oz.

Now come to the main calculation:

For getting 2.93oz boneless skinless chicken thighs you need 4.41 bone-in skin-on chicken

For getting 32oz/2 pound boneless skinless chicken thighs you need {(4.41/ 2.93)*32} = 48oz/3 pound bone-in skin-on chicken.

So the simple answer is – 3 lbs of Bone in, Skin on Chicken thighs is Equal to 2 lbs of Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs.

Now a similar question might come to your mind – how many pounds are 2 chicken thighs?

The answer is very simple. 1 chicken thigh weighs 0.183 pounds. 

So, 2 chicken thighs weigh 0.366 pounds/5.8oz

We have created a table below to clear your confusion about the weight loss after removing the bone and skin.

The number of Thigh Weight (Bone in, Skin on Chicken thighs) Weight (Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs) Additional weight loss (After removing the bone and skin)
1 125g/4.41oz 80g/2.93oz  1.48oz/42g


Did You Know? – Chicken thigh contains 21% bones and 79% meat. (The Meat Bone Ratio is 21:79)


How Much Weight Do Chicken Thighs Lose When Cooked?

how many weight chicken thigh lose while cooking

So far I’ve cleared all your confusion about the thigh weight, pieces, and yield. So, your next concern should be the amount of mear after they are cooked.

I can bet some of you haven’t even thought like this. Well unfortunately the weight won’t remain the same after you cooked it. It will decrease. So, how much weight will 2 pounds thighs lose after cooking?

To answer the question get a piece of general knowledge. Chicken generally loses 25% of its weight when cookedbThat means if you are cooking 2 pounds of chicken then it will lose 0.5 pounds. So the final amount from 2lbs thighs will be 1.5lbs or slightly more after you are done cooking them.

So, will the amount be the same for the chicken pieces? Yes, whether you cook Korean boneless chicken feet or spicey wings, it reduction remains almost the same.


How Many Servings are 2 pounds of Chicken Thighs?

At which stage we are now? In the last segment, we’ve found the amount of chicken after they are cooked. So right now you might be thinking about serving per person. 

The answer is very straightforward. You can serve 2 pounds of chicken thighs for 4-6 people. 

Now, what do you think about how many chicken thighs per person? 

2-pound chicken thighs are 4-6 pieces. That means per person will get 1 chicken thigh. However, there might remain 1 extra thigh. I know you are going to eat the delicious extra piece.

Now another question is how many boneless chicken thighs per person? 

When it’s 2 pounds boneless thighs there will be 7-8 pieces. That means per person will get 2 pieces of chicken thighs in that case.


Can I Substitute Breasts for Thighs?

Substitute Chicken Breast with Thigh

As a cooking expert, I would say it is certainly possible to substitute breasts for thighs. Generally, 2 thighs are qual one breast.

Now if you really want to substitute breasts for thighs you’ve to keep in mind some facts.

  • Amount of meat
  • Cooking time (Breast tends to get overcooked even at a slight temperature)
  • Flavor and cooking methods. 

A Tip: It’s possible to substitute breasts for thighs. Also, it’s possible to substitute thighs for breasts. But a much better substitute for thigh would be drumsticks. However, let’s not get to that point. 



How Many Chicken Thighs is 2 kg

Per kilogram, you will get 12 boneless and 8 bone-in, skin-on thighs. That means in 2kg you will get 24 boneless and 16 bone-in, skin-on thighs. Learn a little extra – 1 chicken thigh weighs 120-130 grams

How many chicken thighs is 2 cups shredded

For 2 cups shredded you will require 10oz boneless chicken. 10-ounce meat equals 4 thighs. That means. 4 pieces of chicken thighs are 2 cups shredded.


The Verdict

Now you should be cleared – how many chicken thighs is 2 lbs? 

It’s time to leave but a tip before that. I suggest purchasing it considering the weight shrink while cooking.

Also giving you bonus info. 1 chicken thigh contains 109 calories (52 grams). It includes 13.5 grams of protein and 5.7 grams of fat.


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