How to Cook Steak on a Griddle – Easy Steak Recipe

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Steak is a very famous full course meal in worldwide. Besides restaurant steaks, you can make steak at home with your simple griddle, did you know this? Today, I will discuss how to cook steak on a griddle. Well, the processing of making steak in an electric griddle or griddle pan is very simple and easy.

You can arrange a quick dinner date or home party and prepare your juicy steak for guests. If you have patience and good preparation, you will be able to make the best steak ever!

What Is Griddle Pan or Electric Griddle?

In the morning you make pancakes for breakfast sometimes, right? On the pan, you make a pancake, which is mainly used as a griddle pan. Griddle surface is one of the best ways to spread the heat on the whole surface to cook the meat evenly.

Many people don’t know the concept of the electric griddle and often ask how to cook a steak on an electric griddle. Electric griddles are not so different, they are just like normal griddle pans. Those need an electric line to cook, that’s it.

Unlike grills, griddle blocks the fire flame to touch your meat. You can say griddle gives more space to cook the steak well or flip well. For your information, many world-renowned chefs prefer using griddle for cooking steak than grills.

How to Cook Steak on a Griddle?

☞︎︎︎ Preparation Time

1 Hour (Marination – 30 minutes, Cooking – 10 minutes, Resting – 15 minutes)

☞︎︎︎ Ingredients

➪ 7-8 strips of steak(1″ thick)
➪ Salt (Sea salt/ kosher salt)
➪ Freshly grounded black pepper
➪ Vegetable oil, Olive oil, or Butter
➪ Fresh garlic/ Garlic powder

☞︎︎︎ Equipment

➪ Griddle (Electric griddle or gas griddle)
➪ Knife
➪ A pair of Chopstick or Tongs
➪ Paper towel
➪ Meat thermometer
➪ A timer (Mobile phone will work too)

☞︎︎︎ Instructions

Now let’s jump into the processing of how to griddle steak. There are some very simple steps. All you have to do is follow the steps carefully and your tender steak will be ready.

Different Cuts for Steak

All of us prefer boneless cuts of steak. It is easy, simple, and quick. How to cook at bone steak on a griddle is often asked a question. However, the boneless steak will be cooked more evenly than the bone-in steak.

Chefs recommend that the thickness of steak should be around 1″. You may cut in thicker slices if you want, they will do fine too. The problem will be the outside part of the steak will burn before the inside is fully and evenly cooked. Here are some recommend cuts of steaks-

1. Rib-eye steak
2. Top Sirloin
3. Tenderloin
4. New York Strip Steak
5. Filet Mignon

I would love to give two very necessary tips here. While buying meat for steaks, look for deep red colored meat because they cook and taste well. While cutting the meat for steak, use a sharp knife and cut the edges very evenly. Don’t rag the edges otherwise it will look terrible after being cooked.

• Defrosting Meat

After cutting the meat if you keep the meat in the refrigerator then it’s the most important step to defrost the meat before cooking. Let the meat rest at room temperature for at least 20-25 minutes.

Wait until the meat comes to room temperature and the ice melts. Use a paper towel to press on the meat to make sure to dry out the moisture.

• Marination

Now as we are talking about how steak is cooked worldwide. So, there are 3 types of marination process people use. Here those are-

1. Dry Seasoning

Maximum people worldwide use this dry seasoning for steak. This process requires some salt and freshly ground pepper.

2. Standard Marinade

As it is called a standard method of marination, you can understand already that this process should be taken as a Marination process. The difference is you have to use some oil/butter with salt and pepper to marinate.

3. Overnight Marinade

Well, for the best taste result you can use this method. Use a lot of oil/butter and rub on the steak and keep like that overnight. If you can manage time for this, you will get the tastier steak ever.

For dry seasoning and the standard marinade method, you have to wait 30 minutes before cooking. This 30 minute is enough for the marination process.

• Preheat the Griddle

Use a completely clean and well quality griddle for cooking steak. After cleaning the griddle, don’t forget to preheat. Turn the flame medium to high temperature. Don’t exceed 350. If you are not sure about the temperature, then spray some water on the griddle surface.

If the water sizzles immediately, then it means the griddle is ready for cooking. Put some extra oil/butter before placing the steak on the griddle. One reminder is, don’t aim to put the steak on the hottest surface of the griddle because it will burn the meat before evenly cooked.

• Cooking Process

After you have done all the previous steps well, now place the steaks on the griddle one by one. If your griddle is big enough then I will recommend cooking 2 steaks at one time, but if your griddle is small-sized, then cook 1 at one time.

Always try to use a big griddle because it helps to flip the meat well. Flip each side of the steak after 3-5 minutes using tongs or chopsticks. Don’t use forks because it will make holes in the meat and will result in overcooked. The timing is very important in cooking steaks.

FAQ on How to Cook Steak on a Griddle

How long do you cook a steak on a griddle?

As I mentioned before doneness of a steak depends on the thickness of the meat and the timing. If your meat is 1″ thick, then it will take 3 minutes for each side. So, in total it will need 6-8 minutes to cook evenly.

However, if your meat is thicker, then you will need more time. If you can’t rely on the doneness of a steak by checking on time, then I will recommend using a meat thermometer.

• Temperature of Steak

Use the best quality meat thermometer to check on the temperature of the steak. Your desirable doneness can vary according to people’s tastes. Always remember that insert the thermometer at the center point of the steak. Not on the bone or not on fat.

1. Rare- 125° F (Centre will be red-colored)
2. Medium Rare- 135° F (Centre will be warm red)
3. Medium- 145° F (Centre will be warm pink)
4. Medium Well- 150° (Centre will be slightly pink)
5. Perfect Done- 160°F (No pink sign)

It is recommended to cook the steak to 145° For the Medium stage. You should cook the steak for 2.5 or 3 minutes for proper doneness.

What is the Nutrition Fact of this recipe?

  • Calories: 470 kcal
  • Protein: 45g
  • Cholesterol: 138mg
  • Fat: 32g


Now I am super hungry after writing the yummy steak recipe. I guess this simple and easy recipe is quick enough to motivate you to cook steak on the griddle. Impress your friend, family, and partners with your new cooking skill. Try out our recipe and let us know how it goes! Check out another quick recipe Asian Garlic Noodle by click here.

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