What Is A Good Substitute For White Cheddar Cheese?


White cheddar cheese is a very popular cheese. With an origin of England, there is actually a village named Cheddar in the Sedgemore district of England; of which cheddar cheese is named after. Currently, it is available in many other countries like Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Canada also. 

Although it’s not a rare cheese anymore, many people in specific regions like France or Berlin may have a hard time looking for white cheddar cheese at their next-door shop. But fear not, you can always have a good substitute for white cheddar cheese; which may not serve you by name. However, in taste and flavor, it will feel almost similar to white cheddar. 

What is White Cheddar Cheese? 


White cheddar cheese, simply known as Cheddar, is made of cow’s milk. The most popular white cheddar cheese from England is bright in color and smooth in nature. As time passes by, cheddar becomes more mature and old enough to change its texture and consistency.

The super mature cheddars (matured for or over 15 months) are often called vintage. The mature cheddars are only 12 months in age. And the young ones are below 12 months.

Young, mature, or extra mature cheddars, all vary mostly in flavors. Young cheddars are light in flavor whereas old extra old cheddars are stronger in flavor and smell. These differences actually become noticeable after 12 months of manufacturing. 

Preparation and Growth

Cheddars receive their potential environment of growth in caves. Many caves in England are still being used for preparing white cheddar cheese. However, in many other countries, cheddar is being smoldered for maturing. 

In the process of making cheddar cheese, curd and whey of cow milk are being segregated using an enzyme called rennet. There is a step known as ‘Cheddaring’; which includes the curd being acidified with salt to eliminate more whey. ‘Cheddaring’ is a regular part in preparing any cheddar cheese. 

What is a Substitute for White Cheddar Cheese?

There are many varieties of white cheddar cheese. These variations are mainly specified by pasteurization, coatings, the environment of growth, and time. White cheddar cheese shouldn’t be hard to find due to its popularity and consumer demand. However, in case you are in bad luck, let us present to you not one but five of the best substitute for white cheddar cheese. 

1) Yellow Cheddar


Yellow cheddar cheese is closely related to white cheddar cheese. Both yellow and white cheddar cheese are the same in the process of manufacturing and maturing. The only difference between them is the use of annatto.

Annatto is orange and red savory that is mainly used for food coloring. It originated mainly in Mexico, from the seeds of the achiote tree.

Yellow cheddar cheese is prepared with annatto in order to add a value of traditional yellow color in it. However, yellow cheddar cheese of the same age to white cheddar cheese is an ideal substitute for white cheddar cheese. 

2) Cantal Cheese

Cantal is one of the oldest cheeses from France. It is one of the most alike White cheddar cheeses. In fact, Cantal is called the cousin of white cheddar cheese.
There are two kinds of cantal available:


  • Cantar laitier: It is the most popular version of cantal. Cantar laitier is actually prepared from pasteurized milk. It is also the mass-produced Cantal.
  • Cantal fermier: Cantal fermier is made of sore milk. And it is usually a farmhouse cheese.

Cantal can be used both as grating and as an add-on with snacks. Its sweet milky aroma makes this cheese one of the most demanding.

As it matures with time. A strong well-matured sharp candal is a perfect substitute for sharp white cheddar cheese. Upon a certain time, they both match in flavor and almost feel the same in dedicated recipes. 

3) Colby Cheese

 Originated in the USA, Colby is semi-hard cow milk-made cheese. It is orange in color. And in flavor, you will have a nutty feel in your taste buds. 

However, Colby is very mild in nature. And because it is cleared with water, the acidic nature in this cheese is being minimized. Hence, it almost tastes sweet and less sharp in nature.

Also, Colby doesn’t mature well enough with age. Hence, the sharpness and tangy nature that is supposed to be found in aged white cheddar cheese is not available here.

This is why Colby is a good substitute for mild white cheddar cheese. In fact, the mild white cheddar cheese and Colby cheese of any age are inseparably close in taste and nature. 

4) Edam Cheese

Edam is a semi-hard cheese. It is originally found in the Netherlands, in the town of Edam. Edam is soft in nature with a bit of saltiness in it. At an early age, you might feel the nutty flavor in this cheese also.

However, there remains a good reputation for Edam. It doesn’t rot or get worse with age; only gets drier and brittle in nature. This is mostly because of the red outermost surface of this cheese. Also, compared to other cheeses in fat, Edam is relatively low in fat.

If you want to ship edam with white cheddar, you can have a nice substitute for mild white cheddar cheese. They both melt and tatter very well, and would be a nice choice for grating. 

However, when using Edam as a substitute for white cheddar, you have to keep its low-fat nature in mind. Depending on the recipe and cuisine, you might need to add a rich cheese in fat. 

5) Double Gloucester cheese

Double Gloucester has a very solid and savory flavor. It is a hard cheese in nature and made of pasteurized/ unpasteurized cow’s milk. Double Gloucester is originally found in Gloucestershire, England.
There are two types of Gloucester available. 


  • Single Gloucester: It is a pale yellow colored Gloucester cheese, made of skimmed milk. Single Gloucesters have a sweet and tangy flavor both in harmony.
  • Double Gloucester: This version of Gloucester has a pale or heavy orange texture. And it has a sweet creamy flavor.
    During the preparation of Gloucester cheese, it is made sure that Double Gloucester ages for a longer time. Ans Double Gloucester also offers a richer flavor and texture than the Single Gloucester. 

Shipping Double Gloucester with white cheddar cheese can be really a nice option. As both of these cheeses melt quickly. They both can be used as cheese sauce of the same attributes.

Our list ends here. However, there are plenty of other cheeses like Brick, Mimolette, Tillamook, mature Gouda, and some other varieties that you can easily replace for white cheddar cheese substitutes.

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What is the difference between white cheddar and regular cheddar?

The main difference between white cheddar and other regular cheddar is the color. White cheddar cheese obtains the natural color of cheddar cheese since preparation. A bit of its credit goes to which time in the year white cheddar is being made and how fresh the grass is; the grass that is being served to the cows.

However,  other cheeses like yellow or orange cheddar bear no noticeable difference with white cheddar cheese. They all feel the same in texture and flavor. The prime difference is in the adding of annatto; natural food coloring.

Other regular cheddars may have been treated with annatto; whereas white cheddar is not.

Can you substitute mozzarella for white cheddar?

The answer to this question mostly depends on which recipe or cuisine you are preparing. Some dishes like pizza, lasagna, or even tortillas will have better flavor if added with white cheddar. On the other hand, in foods like burgers, fruit salad mozzarella will be the best choice.

However, be it white cheddar cheese or mozzarella, they both have a sharp salty flavor and melt easily. While taking your bite with mozzarella, you will feel the same stretchy, soft and sticky creamy flavor in your mouth like white cheddar but with more taste. 

Is Monterey Jack the same as white cheddar?

No, Monterey Jack is not the same as white cheddar.

Monterey jack also known as Jack in short is a semi-hard California white cheese. It is made of cow’s milk just like white cheddar cheese. It has a light flavor with the touch of a little sweetness.

Whereas, white cheddar is creamy and tangy in nature. And the sharp flavor increases as it grows old with time. White cheddar should be there as a last resort for Monterey Jack.

What kind of cheese is white cheddar?


White cheddar is a popular variety of cheddar cheese. White cheddars are semi-hard cow milk-made cheese that is not colored. They are simply off-white or slightly bitterish in color. Yellow or orange cheddars are prepared with food coloring, specifically annatto. However, white cheddar cheese is free from this condiment since its first preparation; but rich in flavor in every way.
The texture and flavor of white cheddar cheese get more crumbly and moisture-free with time as the cheese begins to grow old.

Final Words

Out of the many varieties of cheese, white cheddar cheese is one of the most popular one next to mozzarella. In the UK alone, cheddar cheese has covered 51% of its annual cheese market. White cheddar cheese is also a nice source of calcium as well.

However, sometimes you may find it hard to grab a white cheddar cheese at crucial needs. In times like this, we hope our guide will remind you what is a good substitute for white cheddar cheese. If you find our article useful, do let others know as well.

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