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Sweet Relish vs Dill Relish: Learn the Basic Differences


Our regular meals can become a lot more interesting with added flavored pickles like relish in them. Our taste buds respond differently to different flavors. To match the vast selection of our palates, relishes are available in many categories. Sweet relish vs dill relish are two of the popular ones. These two vary widely in taste and ingredients. Hence, people often find it confusing to select the right one for their staples when tried for the first time.

What is Sweet Relish?

Sweet relish is best served for people who have a thing for sweets. It is usually made of cucumbers, onion, mustard, and celery seeds seasoned with vinegar, cloves, salt, and other spices. Since the name suggests, you will definitely need to add a good amount of sugar and other sweeteners to increase the sugary flavor. Sweet relishes are good to go with hot dogs, pizzas, burgers, or any other rich meals.

Note: Cucumbers that are fermented in brine for a long time are used in sweet relishes.

What is Dill Relish? 

Dill relish, on the other hand, adds spicy and salty flavor to the staple food. Some of the main ingredients of dill relish are dill seed, red and black pepper, and turmeric. These ingredients along with onion and canning salt are used with seasoned cucumber to make the final preparation.

Sugar is kept to a minimum level or not used at all in Dill Relish as the final preparation should be spicy and salted. Dill relish can be served with red meat such as beef or pork, sandwich, and hot dogs.

Note: Dill is an aromatic herb found in Europe. It belongs to the parsley family and is also used for medicinal grounds.

Dill Vs Sweet Relish on Some Common Dishes

Now we know what sweet relish and dill relish are. However, most of us would still find it confusing to use them for the first time on some common dishes. Therefore, this part of our article explains in short what is best for your food; sweet relish or dill relish?

1. Sweet Relish or Dill Relish in Potato Salad

People use potato salad widely as a side dish to increase the value of the main dish. Many people prefer sweet relish with potato salad; which adds a sweet and sour flavor to the main staple.

However, if you don’t have a liking for sweet things, you can always replace sweet relish with dill relish with potato salad. They both taste equally good and enhancing.

2. Sweet relish vs Dill relish for hot dogs


There is hardly any person who doesn’t like hot dogs as a perfect snack to satisfy instant hunger. Although taste differs from mouth to mouth, I prefer my hot dog with a dill relish on it. The spicy and sour flavor adds an extra value to the juicy sausage inside.

But, you can always use sweet relish on hot dogs to satisfy your sweet teeth. It tastes no less than dill relish on hot dogs.

3. Dill Pickle Relish vs Sweet Relish in Tuna Salad

Tuna salad is a widely popular and very calory rich side dish. Dipped with extra-large mayo, a variety in taste is added with sweet relish in tuna salad. Both the flavor of mayonnaise and sweet delish is combined together giving the dish an extra boost of sweetness; with a slight grasp of sour taste.

Dill Relish Substitute

In any case, when you cannot find a dill relish, you can use plenty of other condiments in place of dill relish. Minced dill pickles are the closest alternative to dill relish pickles. You can also season the entire dish with separate ingredients such as fermented olives, black pepper, seasoned cucumber, and different spices. Caper and celery are also common ingredients used for condiments.

In fact, you can replace the dill with some other mushy herbs. Basil, parsley, mint, holy basil, chervil are some of the core ingredients you can use to replace dill and make a different relish to your liking.

The Verdict

Relish, be it sweet or dill, can be an amazing addenning to your dish increasing both the value and taste. Different flavored relishes are available close to you. And you will find it hard to resist yourself from having one. In fact, both sweet and dill relishes are very easy to make. You can easily gather the ingredients and make the best savor for your next meal.


Sweet Vs Dill Relish: What is the difference?

The main difference between sweet and dill relish is the ingredient used in it. Sweet relish is made of cloves and other sweetening items whereas the core ingredient of dill relish is dill herb and other spices.

Is hot dog relish sweet or dill?

Hot dog relishes are sweet relishes It is a pickle relish used to season the sausage inside the buns of hot dogs.

What’s the difference between pickle and relish?

Both pickle and relish can almost feel the same at some point. However, they are not the same. Pickles are made using vinegar or brine only whereas relishes can be made with vinegar/ sugar or with both.

Does relish go bad?

You can preserve relish for one year in a refrigerator after opening.

Is sweet relish good for you?

Sweet relish contains an adequate amount of vitamin K, and homemade sweet relish is enriched with probiotics and antioxidants.

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