What Is Creme Bouquet? A Baker’s Baking Sword! 

What Is Creme Bouquet

If you are a baking enthusiast, you must have come across the term “creme bouquet” at least once. Knowing about this magical ingredient will take your baking skill to a whole other level.

So, what is creme bouquet?

Creme bouquet is an artificial flavor enhancer made with different extracts like vanilla, lemon, and almond. The heat tolerance attribute of this flavoring makes it suitable for baking items for an outdoor party. It has a strong flavor, so you have to use it only a small amount. This makes it popular among professionals who have to bake large batches of cakes and pastries. 

If you are interested to know more about this interesting baking product, keep reading!

What Is Creme Bouquet?

A creme bouquet is an artificial flavoring that is usually used to make large batches of baking goods. 

The creme bouquet is made of lemon essential oil, vanilla extracts, esters, amyl acetate, polysorbate, methyl vanillin, gum tragacanth, and water. Preservatives and other flavoring extracts are also used in this product. 

The main advantage of creme bouquet flavoring is its heat tolerance which helps keep the cake stay fresh outside for a long time. That’s why wedding cakes and other professional baked goods are made with this flavoring. 

It is also used due to the strong flavor as you have to use it in a smaller amount than other flavoring ingredients. creme bouquet flavor enhancer can be used to make cakes, pastries, ceiling frosting, and many more baking goods. 

You can use creme bouquets for making wedding cakes, birthday cakes, pastries, cupcakes, and pies. You can also make custard-filled donuts with this item. 

Another attribute of the creme bouquet is it goes very well with both water and oil-based recipes. So, you don’t have to bother with having different flavorings for different baking recipes. 

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What Does Creme Bouquet Taste Like?

The creme bouquet flavor enhancer tastes like subtle vanilla and citrus. Due to the vanilla and lemon essential oil used in it. 

Only a small amount of creme bouquet will give your baking goods a strong flavor and smell. For this reason, it is a popular product for making large batches of baking items. Nowadays. It is also popular for home baking. 

Different Brands of Cream Bouquets

You will find creme bouquets from different brands in the market. Let’s discuss some of the most popular ones. 

Magic Line Creme Bouquet

If you are looking for a good quality cream bouquet for baking, the Magic Line creme bouquet is the most popular one. It is also widely available. This creme bouquet has a strong flavor and aroma, so one bottle is enough for large batches of baking.

It also has high heat tolerance which makes it more suitable for baking festive cakes. 

The price of a 32 oz bottle of Magic Line creme bouquet is around $30 to $35. The only problem with this brand is, the smaller size bottle is very hard to find. 

Bakery Emulsion

This creme bouquet not only brings out the rich flavor in your baked goods but also makes them very colorful. It has a lush red color which will make your baked items, especially pies or cupcakes look divine. 

This creme bouquet is available in small bottles but the price range of this creme bouquet is on the higher side. A 3.38 fl. oz. bottle of Bakery Emulsion Creme Bouquet costs around $10 to $12. 

OOOFlavors Creme Bouquet

If you have an allergy to dairy and nuts, this OOOflavor creme bouquet would be perfect for you. Other creme bouquets have almond extracts which can trigger allergies in some people. This creme bouquet is completely dairy and nut free. 

Apart from baking, you can also use this creme bouquet for making lip balms and candies. A 30 ml bottle of this creme bouquet will cost you around $10 to $12. 

How to make creme bouquet flavoring? 

Knowing the purpose must have made you interested in using it. If you are unable to get your hands on it at this moment, you can make it yourself! Let’s see the creme bouquet recipe. 


  • Butter extract or flavoring – 1 teaspoon
  • Lemon juice – 1 teaspoon
  • Vanilla extract – 1 teaspoon
  • Almond extract – 1 teaspoon

Making procedure

Simply combine all the ingredients in a bowl. With a spatula, evenly mix them together. Transfer the mixture to an air-tight bottle or pot for storing in the refrigerator if needed. 

Recipes Using Creme Bouquets

Here I am going to share two delicious and beautiful frosting recipes using the creme bouquet. 

Recipe 1: White Festive Frosting

You must know that some wedding cake frostings are made with shortening and they are awful to eat. Using this creme bouquet on those frostings will make it more edible and your cake won’t go complete waste. 

The frosting recipes are for making a 3-layered cake that can weigh around 10 pounds.

Here are the recipes.


  • Shortening – 2 Cups
  • Icing sugar – 8 cups 
  • Meringue powder – 2 tbsp
  • Butter extract or flavoring – 1 tsp
  • Vanilla extract (Clear) – 1 tsp
  • Creme bouquet – 2 Tsp
  • Pinch of salt
  • Water – as needed


  • Place the shortening in a bowl and beat it at medium speed. After a few seconds, it will become creamy. At this moment stop beating.  
  • Add the rest of the ingredients (except water and icing sugar) to the bowl and start beating the mixture again.  
  • Keep mixing the icing sugar on the mixture gradually while beating. 
  • For ensuring the right consistency add water as needed. You will have to beat the mixture for around 4-5 minutes at medium-low speed and the frosting should be ready. 

Recipe 2: Cream Cheese Frosting

Here is another delicious recipe. 


  • Cream cheese – 1 cup
  • Icing sugar – 4 cups 
  • Butter (unsalted) – ½ cup
  • Vanilla extract – 2 tsp
  • Creme bouquet – 2 tsp
  • Pinch of salt
  • Milk, as required


  • Put the cheese and butter in a bowl and keep beating until they get to a smooth texture. 
  • Add the rest of the ingredients and beat at a slow speed until everything mixes together. 
  • Switch the beater from high to medium and beat for another 2 minutes until the frosting becomes fluffy. Add milk if it is too heavy and the frosting is ready. 

Creme Bouquet Substitute

If you can’t access a creme bouquet or if you don’t like one of its ingredients in particular, you can go for its substitutes. Here are some substitutes you can use instead of a creme bouquet. 

Bakery Emulsion

Bakery emulsion is another strong baking goods flavoring line creme bouquet used by bakers. It also gives baking items a strong flavor that is hard to achieve with regular baking ingredients. 

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract will provide your baked goods with a rich and intense vanilla flavor. As the dominating flavor of a creme bouquet is vanilla, the vanilla extract can be a perfect substitute for the creme bouquet. 

Butter Extract

If you want to give your baked goods a subtle buttery flavor just like professionals, butter extracts can be helpful. A slight amount of butter extract can make your cakes or pies smell and taste amazing. 

Lemon Juice And Zest

You can add some lemon juice or lemon zest to your baking goods. It will provide you with the subtle citrus undertone you get from the cream bouquet. 

Almond Extract

If you want the same nutty flavor from your baking goods like the creme bouquet provides, you can add almond extract to them. It can be a substitute for a creme bouquet that will give your baking items a unique flavor. 

You can also use almond extract while making protein cookies. It will bring out a nice flavor. 

Creme Bouquet


Where Can I Buy Creme Bouquet Flavoring?

You can buy a creme bouquet from Amazon. You will also find this product on eBay, Country Kitchen Sweeter, or other online shops that sell baking goods. Moreover, you will also find this item in super shops or other physical shops that sell baking goods. 

Does Creme Bouquet Expire?

Yes, just like any other edible item, the creme bouquet also expires. Usually, Creme bouquets have 6 months of shelf life which can vary with brands. However, if you make a creme bouquet at home, don’t keep it for more than 3-4 days as you won’t use any preservatives. 

How Do You Keep A Wedding Cake Cool On A Hot Day?

Using a creme bouquet can keep the wedding cake to become more heat tolerant on a hot day. Using margarine instead of butter also helps, but the taste will be compromised. You can use shade over the wedding cake to save it from direct sunlight. 

Wrapping Up

Here goes everything there is to know about creme bouquet.

Here’s a small tip. Before making a large cake with a creme bouquet or any other new ingredients, make a small one first. And if you like the taste, move on to a bigger batch. 

That’s all. Happy baking!

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